Amp repair

We offer a quality amp repair service second to none, we also restore some the best loved automotive amplifier brands, we offer competitive pricing and a quick turnaround. With over 20 years experience we have the skills and knowledge to quickly and efficiently turnaround your amplifier, Weather you own a USA built Phoenix Gold amplifier or a Japanese made Alpine or Nakamichi amplifier  we can service or repair it.

Don’t waste your money or time sending your amp to someone with limited or no knowledge of retro car audio equipment, we’ve repaired many amps deemed irreparable by many so called experts, if it’s not totally destroyed we can probably repair it.

Common car audio amplifier faults we see include

  • amplifier stuck in protect mode
  • amplifier blowing fuses
  • amplifier overheating
  • amplifier distorting
  • amplifier output cutting out
  • amplifier not powering on when remote applied
  • amplifier capacitor failure

All of these can be fixed

Charges: Our rate for servicing amplifiers is £30 for the first hour, this is our standard minimum bench fee for all amp related repairs-servicing. Once we correctly diagnose the problem our rate is £25 per hour plus the cost of any new components.

As a rough guide, to strip down a Phoenix Gold M100 series amplifier & carry out a capacitor service takes approximately 2 hours labour.

Labour rates include any minor parts & small repairs that may be required. Larger items like stiffening and rail capacitors are not included, however rest assured we offer competitive prices on these & other amp parts.

For further information please call : 07377 133203

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