Car Radio Cassette repair service

We repair, service and restore all vintage car audio brands, we offer competitive pricing and a quick turnaround. With over 25 years experience servicing vintage car audio we have the skills and knowledge required to quickly and efficiently turnaround your retro head unit.

We service all classic car radio cassette decks including –  Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, BMW, Citroen, Ford, Ferrari, Honda, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche Saab, Renault, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen

Common car radio cassette faults we see include the following

  • cassette deck not responding
  • cassette won’t load
  • cassette won’t eject
  • cassette playback low
  • cassette playback distorted
  • cassette belt snapped
  • cassette no or low sound
  • CD player not responding
  • CD skipping
  • CD won’t read
  • CD playback distorted
  • CD jammed
  • CD no or low sound
  • Head unit security code locked
  • Radio won’t tune or lock
  • memory function not working

All of these can be fixed, please call or click

Telephone Inquiries : 07377 133203

Email :


Blaupunkt Cassette radio repair & service

We can service and repair almost all vintage Blaupunkt cassette deck which fails to load and play a cassette, common symptoms to look out for-

  • cassette loads, auto-reverses then ejects
  • opto Switch failure , we offer a comprehensive opto switch repair service
  • cassette only plays on one side, ejects when auto-reverse is select
  • cassette ejects
  • cassette plays slow
  • cassette plays fast
  • cassette jammed
  • radio works but low or no audio from cassette
  • Code locked

Units commonly affected include –

  • Atlanta SQR 22
  • Bamberg SQR 83
  • Bamberg SQR 05
  • Bamberg QTS
  • Bremen SQR 45
  • Berlin IQR 85
  • Berlin IQR 88
  • Bremen SQR 32
  • Bremen SQR 34
  • Bremen SQR 45
  • Bremen SQR 46
  • Dussedorf R25
  • Essen CR
  • Ford SRT
  • Koln SQR 22
  • Monterey SQR 23
  • Memphis SQR 88
  • Memphis SQR 04
  • Nashville SQE 48
  • Toronto SQR 46
  • Toronto SQR 45
  • Toronto SQR 48
  • Toronto SQR 83
  • Toronto SQR 34
  • Toronto SQR 32
  • New York SQR 05
  • New York SQR 82
  • New York SQR 83
  • Please note, if your radio model is not listed please contact –
  • Telephone Inquiries : 07377 133203
    Email : 

Charges: Strip down and bench test diagnostic cost is £35 , this is our standard bench fee for all head unit related repairs-servicing. Once we correctly diagnose the problem our rate is £25 per hour plus the cost of any new components.

Shipping your radio

Please ensure you package your radio carefully in a suitable cardboard box, wrap with plenty of bubble wrap paying attention to protect the delicate fascia and controls.

Be sure to Include your name, return address and contact details along with a short description of any known faults.

If your radio has a security code please include it too.

Shipping address

Mr B Singh


137 Goldthorn Hill